Brand Adaptation

We see the potential for finding the extraordinary in every challenge. We deliver brand identity services that connect with your audience both commercially and emotionally, to make an impact on your presence and bottom line. At the heart of our process is our desire to understand your ‘why’. 

Brand Adaptation is a process where we uncover rather than discover. It is essential that brands don’t lose sight of the core foundations upon which their company was built, again this is your ‘why’. 

Through an in-depth brand audit, we ensure your key messaging and core values are uncovered and at the heart of all you do. From then, we can explore your visual identity to guarantee alignment and brand cohesion. Our goal is to challenge convention with creative problem-solving, innovation and passion to touch hearts and minds. 

We take a very holistic and collaborative approach to breathing new life into your brand and work alongside internal teams to bring brand stability for years to come. 

Whether you’re an established brand in search of something fresh, expanding your offering or just starting out – we can help. 

Case studies

Team members

Bradley Meersand

Jordan Harris

Akash Bhardwaj

Oliver Tuzzio

“Reeves are masters at creating a brand. They really put the client first by focusing their approach on the client and their aspirations. We used Reeves for creating our new restaurant and bar brand ‘Chapter’ with the full design service for logo, web and menus.

The Reeves team has impeccable taste and we found them a perfect fit. They did not shy from asking pertinent questions to ensure we always stayed on the right track but were also receptive if, at any time, we wanted to challenge them.

Working with them is delightful and we are very happy that we feel we can phone them at any time if we need some after-service care.

Reeves is a reliable, talented, and exciting agency to work with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Ann Tonks

Founder, Chapter