A bus stop in Birmingham City Centre for Travel West Midlands Sprint bus. Travel and transport PR by Reeves Media.

Sprint Bus

The Sprint project will create a bus priority corridor linking Walsall to Solihull and Birmingham Airport in one continuous route. This will help reduce traffic congestion, give people an alternative to driving and help the West Midlands tackle climate change. We provide travel and transport PR, video and design services to the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Working with the Sprint team at the West Midlands Combined Authority, we storyboarded, shot and edited a video to celebrate the completion of Phase One of the project. We made art out of travel and transport PR and video.

Sprint is a project for the future of travel in the region and this project gave us a chance to build a fresh, exciting and original identity around it from an early stage.

‘It’s About Time’ was a collaboration with spoken word artist Auden Allen, who created a bespoke piece built around key messages for the Sprint project, helping to both inform and entertain audiences.