Fortel Group

Our work with Fortel is a prime example of how we uncover rather than discover.

As a leading supplier of labour to the UK Construction Industry – we were tasked with revitalising the brand with a major overhaul of its social media, communications and marketing strategies, designed to breathe new life into how the business interacts with its clients, peers and people.





Case studies



Equality & Diversity

Working closely with Fortel’s Senior Leadership Team we created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that moved beyond look and feel to capture what mattered: putting people first. 

With the help of our strategic partners, Constructing Rainbows, we created and implemented a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy encompassing everything Fortel is and strives to be.

Logo refresh

We updated the Fortel logo with a fresh, bold blue colour. Paired with clean, contrasting text, the Fortel logo is clear and confident, just like they are. 

“The Reeves Media team bring dynamism and creativity to our communications – helping us to tell the story of our people and the projects we are a part of in new and exciting ways.

Capturing the essence of who we are, what we stand for and where we are going as a company was a huge task for an external agency.

The team’s contribution has boosted our brand identity and presence at an exciting time as we head into a new era at Fortel.”

Sat Nijjer

Managing Director, Fortel