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You need public relations, whether it’s a solution to a challenge, or a brand new idea that the world needs to hear, we’ve done both.

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Email us at hello@reeves.media or find us at our Birmingham city centre offices.

Public relations. An image of a pigeon, staring directly at the viewer because it's fun and pigeons are famous for delivering messages directly to the right recipient, just like we do at Reeves, with targeted PR.

You can get in touch with us through all the usual channels, including email, social media and even the telephone, where our experienced team will be on hand to have a conversation and answer questions about the public relations services that we provide. It’s not a long list for the sake of it, but it includes all of the things that a client would need, including social media, video production, including a licensed drone pilot, and of course the traditional public relations skills of media relations and photography, because every story needs an image.

Reeves Media is an award-winning public relations consultancy in the heart of Birmingham city centre.

If you’re heading into Birmingham in person, you can easily travel by public transport because our office is only a short walk from Birmingham New Street Station, where you can get trains from all over the UK, not HS2 yet, but we’re working on it. There is also on street car parking and you can avoid the clean air zone charges by driving in with a compliant vehicle. Check out if you can drive freely into Birmingham here. And here’s an extra special offer because our senior team are petrol heads and are easily amused; if you arrive in a non-compliant vehicle that manages to turn heads when you park, we’ll pay your clean air charge. Or if you manage to get your potential new client enquiry to us by pigeon, you’ll get your first consultation free. I think we can safely claim that we’re the only PR agency in Britain willing to give potential clients such a unique introductory offer.