About Us

Birmingham based Reeves Media is an independent, award-winning creative PR company working with businesses, organisations and brands that are the very best at what they do.

We are a well-connected, experienced and collaborative agency, crafting bold ideas with action, passion and purpose to amplify clients’ conversations around their world.

We are Reeves and we make media matter.

Our Approach

Continually evolving and combining solid communications experience with emerging talent, we consistently deliver stories, content and video in the most effective way for our clients’ consumers to receive them. Our approach is bespoke, and our solutions pragmatic and effective.

We choose our industry sectors around interest and expertise, so at the forefront is the built environment along with transport and mobility, manufacturing, food and retail and education at all levels. Not your usual combination, but it’s what we’re interested in and what we’re really good at. Public Sector clients find us highly effective, but sorry financial services, you’re not on the list.

Image of a computer screen displaying the PR company in Birmingham's tagline of consult, create, connect.

What We Do







The Reeves Manifesto

Attention spans only last until the next interesting thing, and with millions of megaphones telling millions of stories, only those who are clear, concise and consistent can weather the perpetual media storm. We promise to only be distracted by something shiny, once we’ve created something shiny for you.

We enjoy what we do. Occasionally we’re thrilled by it. We want to bring excitement and enthusiasm to our work for clients and help them to successfully deliver their messages and to thrive.

We will continue to do everything we can to maintain our claim to be the best connected PR company in Birmingham. It’s always been good to talk and that’s what we’ll continue to do because conversations deliver.

We will evolve alongside an ever-changing media landscape whilst maintaining the traditions of storytelling.

Our “Loveliness Index”
How We Choose Partners:

The first meeting with a potential new client is a lot like a first date; if we feel butterflies, it’s a good sign. We always put our best foot forward when presenting to prospective partners, but we are also selective in who we choose to work with. The client relationship has to be a two-way street from the very beginning, in order to build the foundation of trust that is necessary to any long-term partnership.

When meeting new businesses, we refer to what our founder has dubbed our “Loveliness Index”, to determine whether this is an account we would genuinely enjoy working on. It consists of a loose checklist:


Are you at the top of your game? All of our partners/clients are performing at the very height of their respective fields. We only work with the best.


Are you open to trying new things in your business? While we won’t push ideas that don’t suit your needs, or adopt technology just for the sake of it, we do encourage businesses to explore new ways of engaging with their customers.


Are you in this for the long haul? Again, just like dating, we’re looking to commit. We gain real pride and satisfaction from helping our clients work towards their long-term goals, and accompanying them on that journey.

Ultimately, though, it all comes down to chemistry. We trust the gut feeling that makes itself known in that initial meeting. When we partner with a new client, our team will need to know that business inside out, and elevate that brand with their own energy, enthusiasm and ideas. In order for that to happen, we have to be genuinely excited about working with you.

Workplace Champions – these awards aim to highlight the agencies and in-house teams that go the extra mile to establish positive and inclusive working environments for colleagues, as well as showcasing organisations that practice what they preach, leading by example to deliver equal opportunities and positive experiences for all their stakeholders.  

Organisations recognised as PRCA Workplace Champions will prove their commitment to ensuring employees feel heard, valued, and respected across all levels of seniority.

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